Tuesday, August 06, 2013

more sumikko gurashi goods coming our way

Oh my dear holy jeezus, San-x is making another line of Sumikko Gurashi items!! And it's an awesome collection too. I am going to buy EVERYTHING, especially the little stackable plushes. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

You know it's going to be a good series when the artwork for it starts off by being super awesome and KAWAII.

Mini Memos

Ooooo my gosh, what pure genius. Let's make a memo pad that exclusively features ONE character from the Sumikko Gurashi group so we can maximize on our profits. It worked on me, oh San-x, you. The Pork Cutlet is holding a soy sauce container.

Large Memo Pads

The larger memos are awesome also. They included the little tapioca buddies in both of them. I especially like the one on the left because they're all together and literally entangled in each others' lives. Consider these purchased as well.


Just imagine how jealous everyone would be when they see you write your class notes in these! I love them and it's kind of cute how the one on the left is made to look like you're lifting a sheet of paper to reveal the Sumikko gang. 

The right has the same design as the large memo and I didn't realize what the design was in the large memo picture because it was tiny and I was too lazy to enlarge it and have a look. But it's really cute, since it's more of an action picture than a stationary one. Looks like Pork Cutlet has a new friend, it looks like a piece of leftover tempura.

Sticky Notes?

I'm not entirely sure if these are sticky notes or if they're a bunch of memo pads that can be folded together. Either way, the designs are incredibly cute. I like the cover of the one on the left but I prefer the paper designs to the one on the right. Which should I choose??? There's only one way to solve this, buy both.  (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Letter Sets

The letter sets are so awesome! I find the pink outside envelope on the right looks very similar to the ID pass that Flo got me in Japan. It's amazing that the inside of the envelops have a design as well. I'm probably going to buy both sets even though I don't write letters, just because it's so freakin' kawaii. 

Sticker Flakes

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo myyyyyyyyyyyyy, these sticker flakes! The packaging itself is so damn amazing, let alone the kawaiiness of the stickers themselves! Again, San-x decided to make a sticker sack for each character. I'm not sure if the stickers themselves feature one character but who cares, I'm buying them all anyway. Maybe even get doubles if I'm feeling rich ( ´◔ ω ◔ `)
Pens that are sharp

The pens are super adorable too but they kind of look more like pencils to me. Either way, it's really cute but I'll pass on them since they're not so cute that I'm going to be regretting my decision if I don't get them. Again, each writing instrument features one of the Sumikko creatures. I personally like the blue/Kappa/Penguin one best followed by the pink/Polar Bear.

These pencils are the old school pencils where you actually have to sharpen them. As cute as these are, they're completely gone after you use them (´;д;`) which is why I never buy these. The tops of the pencils feature one of the tapioca buddies, which is a cute little final touch to the already adorable pencils.


These erasers are adorable! Not only does it come with a regular plain eraser but there is a little flap that reveals a kawaii Sumikko Gurashi character eraser. They even have one for the tapiocas.

Paper Clips

I personally adore this item. The paper clips are super cute and I like that the background is clear so that there's emphasis on the characters themselves. These are going to bought so bad. And the little weed is part of the group too!
Plastic Folders

I've always loved the folders that Japan makes, they're very thin and you can easily slip in a few sheets of paper and you're off. No heavy ass binders or anything, just a really light and thin folder. The only problem is, you can't put too many sheets of paper in it but that problem can be easily solved by just having an army of those folders (like I do). Another problem is they break easily, because they're made of thin plastic, I just reinforce the bottom (where it's prone to split) with clear tape. 

Anyway, I'm not sure I'll be getting these as cute as they are because I'm worried that they'll arrive all messed up and ugly. I love the Kappa/Penguin one.
OMG THIS IS SO FREAKIN' CUTE! Even though I have a million pouches, I'm getting this, I don't care. Yay for practicality. 

Apparently, this is a porch (Google Translate). I'm buying this porch also (for 850 yen, that's a steal).

Yes, this is mine too. I finally got my work cellphone and now I have two iPhones (so dumb) but I only have one pouch so this looks like an excellent solution. I like that you can change where the clips go, because I'm more likely to have both clips on the same side than one on each side.

The tote bag is nicely done. It looks pretty plain but as you get closer, you'll notice there's a bunch of different designs and pictures of the Sumikko Gurashi group and it has a nice little badge in front. But because the colour of the designs don't really stand out, it doesn't make it look too busy (I love that word, thanks Cat!). As cute as it is, I won't be getting it because I know I won't ever use it.

Itty Bitty Plush

This is what I was talking about at the beginning of the post! They're so dfbwgtouw2h34tl2wbtge4l cute! They're all stackable (pile of kawaii) and I'm guessing they're going to be filled with beanies, similar to some mamegoma plushes I have. The Pork Cutlet even has its own bag!

They also made one for the tapioca which is awesome. I'm also happy they didn't decide to make a different colour for each of the tapioca or else I would be agonizing over which colour to pick and probably end up buying all of them.

Did you guys notice there's a new character? It's that cute little blue dinosaur! I can't read Japanese unfortunately but from what I'm understanding in the picture, it wants to become a loch ness monster or something? Can someone help me with that? Either way, it's so cute! I'm definitely going to buy all these little plushies.

Small Coin Pouches

For some reason, I picture these to be really tiny. So tiny that you can only fit a few things into it (like 5 coins) and I find their faces look odd. It's because it's been widened to fit the clasp but each one comes with a different little item attached to the chain. The only thing I recognize it the travel bag for the polar bear and the green bean (?) for the kappa.


Last but not lease are the plushies! I actually don't like these at all. I find they look unproportional and the material doesn't look too soft.  I'll be passing on these.

This collection is going to be released in September, but I'm not sure of the exact date. Anything you have your eyes on?

All images taken from here.