Wednesday, October 09, 2013

zombbet goods

It's been a while and I apologize again for not updating \(-___________-;)/. CMA has started again and I just experienced working with my new team. It was...bad. One of our team members was pulled out two days before the assignment was due (he failed the rewrite and just got the results), another team member was getting married so he was MIA but did finish his part on time, another never showed up to the meetings or responded to emails and the last one would rather do her crossfit workouts than be readily available for any additional work.

I stupidly volunteered to put the assignment together and completed all the other parts of the report that no one did (which pretty comprised of 50% of the report). I asked them to help out but it would take them over a day to respond and I would have to wait for them to finish. But I'm going to make sure we're more organized and responsive for the next assignment because I'm not dealing with this crap for a whole year and because my passing is on the line as well (we pass or fail as a group for the final report).

Anyway, enough with the complaining, onwards with the (creepy) kawaii!

Zombbet wants you to buy their goodies or they'll eat you

I got my hands on this bit of Zombbet news about two weeks ago but never found the time to post it, so it had been sitting as a draft for the past two weeks (ー△ー;)

Here's the merchandise that'll be available for their first line of Zombbet.


I decided to do the order of the goods differently this time and start with the plushes! In my previous Zombbet post, I had mentioned they were going to release some plushes but I didn't realize they were going to be so tiny. It's going to be stackable bean bag plushes, just like they did with mamegoma and the sumikko gurashi ones (which I still haven't gotten my hands on, wtf).

As I previously mentioned, they don't look too cute except for the pink bulb but when they stack them up like that, they do look rather adorable. But not enough to convince me to get them.

Keychain Plushes

Oooo, I really like the keychain plush of the pink rabbit blob! I find it's the cutest character out of the line and imagine just how adorable it'd be dangling off your handbag....or keys or whatever you hang  keychains off of (I personally hang them off everything I can, makeup pouches, 3DS...door knobs).

ID Pass & Pencil Case

I'm really disliking these. It seems really cluttered and the colour choices aren't to my taste. The colours seem...sickly, especially with that shade of purple, pink and the blue on the earless rabbit. I understand that they're zombies but still. If anyone can make zombies kawaii, it would be San-x but this doesn't do it for me.

Large Memos & Letter Sets

Again, I'm not impressed with the designs of these. I don't like the colours used nor the designs but then again, I'm not a fan of the collection so I guess my feelings aren't surprising.

Small Memos

Pens, Pencils & Erasers

I actually like the three different coloured bulbs at the end of the pens but it looks like it doesn't really match with the rest of the design.

Omg, look at that zombie princess rabbit! Is she holding a tube of lipstick?

Key Covers

This last product is interesting because I don't think San-x really made key covers before. It definitely encourages people to buy more of their products but I'm not sure that it's such a good idea to start the key covers with this line since they aren't traditionally kawaii.

I'm not impressed with this line's products. I think it's especially important for them to launch a successful introductory product line since it'll determine the demand for the character goods, and it looks like they haven't done a really good job. But maybe most people don't share the same opinion as me since I'm all for doe-eyed happy animals. It's great they're trying out new things but I'm not sure this is the best move for them. Who knows, I could be totally wrong. 

Do you like their products and/or the Zombbet line?

On an unrelated topic, Pokemon X & Y is coming out this Saturday! 3 DAYS LEFT! I didn't pre-order it I? I don't want to pre-order it because I won't get it until Tuesday or something (Monday's Canadian Thanksgiving) but I'm worried it'll be sold out on Saturday. What should I do!?  (゚´Д`゚)゚

Come to mama! ♥~(‘ω^人)

Images taken from San-x's blog