Sunday, October 27, 2013

otakuthon goods 2013

Ok, it's been forever since I've done one of my real posts where I take pictures of my kawaii instead of just being lazy and screen capping all the newest kawaii goods. I went to Otakuthon, our local anime convention with my friend Suzy back in August. It was my first time attending last year and to be honest, I only went for the shopping. This year, I went exclusively for the shopping.

I didn't buy much as I had set a budget for myself. When I shopped uninhibited last year, I spent about $200 ⊙0⊙. It included the entrance fee of $30 but still, that's a ton of money. Worse part? I forgot about most of my purchases until I dug it up several months later.

I had set a budget of $100 and this is what I got for $75 (omg my budgeting and self-restraint skills worked for once).

Otakuthon Purchases

Studio Ghibli Print

I think this is my favourite purchase. When I saw it, I had to have it and I thought it look amazing in my bedroom. Not only do I love Studio Ghibli movies but the design and colours of this print are perfect. There's a nice balance between dark and bright colours.

Close Up

If I had to choose a favourite of these three pictures, it'd probably be Kiki's Delivery Service, surprisingly. I'm not a hardcore fan of the movie but there's something about the picture that's really serene and she looks like she's just leisurely enjoying herself (for once). Plus, I personally love staring at the moon and stars.

Spirited Away Soot Print

Last year, I had purchased two small prints from this same artist but when I was in the middle of putting them in frames and deciding where to hang them in my room, I realized that two looks a little weird. Three would've been perfect. I had been hoping that the artist would be here again this year and luckily, she was. I decided to choose the adorable Soot from Spirited Away (I had previously purchased a Ponyo and Totoro print).

Ghost Trick Pin

I don't know if anyone's played Ghost Trick? I was surprised that it wasn't a popular game since it's developed by Capcom. I loved this game and was totally hooked on it, playing nothing else until I beat the game. My brother had gotten it for me for Christmas one year and I still remember bawling my eyes out at the ending. Not because it was particularly sad but I found it extremely touching. I definitely recommend anyone who has a DS to play this (Capcom should be paying me for this!). So it's not surprising that when I saw this pin, I had to buy it. Look how cute those two are and it's rare to see any type of merchandise relating to Ghost Trick.

Guilty Pleasure: The Plushes

Of course, none of my shopping sprees would be complete without a plush. In this case, two. I had been debating about whether to buy the Jolteon and Balloonicorn while I was at the convention but decided to be smart and shop around before buying everything in sight (and suffer from buyer's remorse after). 

Jolteon Plush

After some deliberation, I finally decided to go for the Jolteon plush and I'm glad I did. It's super soft and it's pretty big at 9" tall. I'm almost positive that it's a fake though since there were no tags available ANYWHERE on the plush but I was pleased with the quality so I went for it anyway. 

Side View

The stitching was good and it looked like it was well made so despite it being a fake, I'm very happy with it.

Butt View


This adorable balloon unicorn (hence balloonicorn) is from Team Fortress 2. I never actually played the game but have watched my brother play countless times (I never played because I was scared that I would suck and people would yell at me). 

I had been debating about whether to purchase this or not also but decided to get it...just because. 

Side View

The quality of the plush was ok, it wasn't nearly as soft as my Jolteon. It was a little rough but the stitching is pretty good. I'm sure the only reason it was so expensive is because it's Team Fortress 2 and because you get an in-game item from the code on the tag, which I forgot to take a picture of.

Butt View

Toki Doki Unicorns 2 Blind Boxes

I had been wanting to get these since the first collection came out about two or three years ago but never found them locally. I could've easily bought them online and had them shipped here but for some reason, I never did.

When I saw the series available at the convention, I went for them without any hesitation and it was a good thing I did! They were $8 which is the same price as buying it in the USA and no taxes! I get really excited whenever I don't have to pay for taxes because it's 15% here. 

Possible Toys

The first box I opened had Zamba, the one on the left, and I was thrilled! It was one of the ones I really wanted. My second box held...Zamba also! I was disappointed since I had bought two and gotten the exact same one but the vendor told me that I could switch my Zamba with the display toy and it was for that reason they had one on display so that people could swap it for the one they really wanted. The one was display was Bambu (to the right) and it was the other one I wanted! In the end, I got two that I really wanted and all that's left is Sakura but I think that one's pretty rare. But I'm not since I got two out of the three I really wanted.

So that's my little haul from the anime convention, it's not much but I'm much happier with the things I got this year than the things I got last year. I guess having a budget really helps you save money and get the things you really want, now if only I'd set them more often.