Saturday, October 04, 2014

Sumikko Gurashi Hot Spring Series

Happy October everyone! Today I bring you...MORE SUMIKKO GURASHI!!! ꒰⁎ᵉ̷͈ ॣ꒵ ॢᵉ̷͈⁎꒱

Hot Spring Series

Look at this adorable art work, how can you not love Sumikko Gurashi? The Penguin definitely knows how to enjoy itself.

Relaxing Stationery

I really like the designs and colours of the stationery, I'm probably going to end up getting all the memo pads, big and small.

LOOK AT THE ERASER SET! It comes in this little pop-up display!! That's so cool and I think it's the first time San-x has done for erasers unless I've mistaken. If I bought those erasers, they would never be used.

Bags & Towels

Oh man, really liking the pencil cases and little pouch. The colour is super relaxing for me to look at and it's always fun seeing what the little guys are up to. Spoiler alert: You can see a new character on all the bags.

The towels are really cute also. It looks like they have two sizes this time. In addition to their usual face towels, they have a regular sized one too (I think). The larger towel even features the new Nessie-like character, too cute! I'd love to have the larger towel so everyone could be super jealous of me whenever I take a shower/go to the beach (。◝‿◜。).

Most of the characters in the blue mini towel, all look like they're in the shape of Mt. Fuji, haha, especially the Penguin and the Nessie characters.

Keychains & Toys

I'm not 100% sure what these are but from the looks of it, it looks like keychains and mystery box figures. The keychains look like they come in a little box. It's cute but I won't be buying the keychains since I don't really like square-shaped keychains, I find they don't look cute, bwahahaha.

I'm going to pass on the mystery box figures (?) also since none of them strike me as particularly omg-must-have cute. Of course, the figures are cute but they're not cute enough for me to buy them (-、-)

Amazing Plushes

No series would be complete without my biggest weakness, plushes! Although, I don't like most of the plushes from this line as all! With the exception of the Mt. Fuji plush, the other ones don't strike me as kawaii.

It's cute that they released a set with a yellow-ish-orangey Mt. Fuji, an orange and my favourite Sumikko character, the Polar Bear. They all come with the onsen tub. But for 1,600 yen, it's a bit steep for me especially since I'm trying really really hard to curb my kawaii purchases.

I wonder why there's two Tonkatsu plushes and one of them looks a little burnt, maybe he burnt himself in the hot springs??

What your thoughts on this collection?

All images taken from here.