Thursday, October 16, 2014

sailor moon banpresto compact mirrors

Back in July, I had ordered the compact mirrors released by Banpresto to celebrate Sailor Moon's 20th anniversary.

I actually only wanted one of them (ok two) and you got more a of a bargain if you bought all three. I thought that I'd be able to sell the one(s) rather easily but it turns out, not to much ⊙︿⊙

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Banpresto Compact Mirrors (what a mouthful!)

At first, I had planned on keeping the Luna and Artermis one but the more I looked at the mirrors, the more I like the Queen Serenity one! So I had planned on keeping two but I already have so much stuff so in the end, I settled for just Queen Serenity. A small success story of me trying to declutter my life a bit.

Unboxing Pic

After opening the box, the compact is wrapped in bubble wrap and stuck onto a piece of cardboard.

Queen Serenity 20th Anniversary Compact Mirror

VoilĂ ! The compact in all its unpackaged glory! I was a little disappointed to be honest, because I thought the image would be kind of...sparkly and shiny, that's the impression I got from the box.

But the details around the image are quite nice and it's actually etched into the compact so you can feel the different layers around it. I was also surprised at how light it was! I don't know why but I was expecting it to be a little heavy but it really doesn't even feel like you have it in your hands.

Back View

I'm not sure if you can see the back view of it but it says "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary." Sorry for the crappy photos, I took them all with iPhone as I didn't have my Cannon Rebel with me and I really wanted to make a post.

Inside Look

It's a double mirror compact, as you can see in the photo. There's a film of plastic on both the top and bottom mirrors to prevent any finger prints and scratches (until it's taken off anyway).

Close Up

Here's a close up of the top mirror. It has a really nice and cute design etched onto the mirror featuring stars and a moon. The text actually says, "Moon Prism Power Make Up!"which is absolutely appropriate and a really nice finishing touch.

I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to keep it, and I may end up selling it for a reduced rate if there's interest in it but if not, I'll keep it.

I still have one in its unopened box for sale, you can find it in my shop. Oh and another thing, I will be leaving for Australia on November 1st and I will be away for 3 weeks so if there's anything you'd like to buy in my shop, please place an order before October 29 to have it shipped out by the 31st! Otherwise, you'll probably be waiting for a month before I ship it. I'll try to ask my family to ship out orders I receive in November but honestly, I'm on vacation with limited access to internet so it's likely it won't be shipped out until the end of November.