Wednesday, November 16, 2011

handmade plushes made with love and fancy fukuya

You'll never guess what happened!!!! When I got home from school today, I went into the kitchen to say hi to my mom and I found this:

They're so adorable!

Mom said she took the design from some plush on display in a store that she sees every morning when she drops Dad off at work. I know which store she's talking about it's most probably an Uglydoll, although I have no idea which one. Not that I'm not a crazy fan of UglyDolls, some of them are cute. I have one and Dad got it for me when we went to Virginia this past summer.

Mom said that she knows how much my sister and I (especially me) like plushes so she decided to make us some. I was so touched. I thought they were cute in a funky way. They were so soft too! I couldn't decide between the one with blue eyes or the one with orange eyes, so I let our dog, Obi pick. I held both of them in front of him and after a bit of sniffing of both, he tried to bite Blue Eyes so I decided to take that one.

This one's mine :D

My sister's.

Today, another one of my packages came (I can't stop, it's like a drug). It was the one that I had ordered from an amazing ebay seller. I purchased 3 times from her and everytime, she ships the day I ordered and it always gets here in less than a week! From Japan to Canada in less than a week, that's amazing. She always gives a little gift each time too. Her shipping costs are reasonable as well. In case you couldn't tell, I'm totally in love with her, so much kawaii in her shop :) Check our her shop.

Please excuse the crappy photos, I took them in a a hurry.

I have no idea what's happening in this picture but it's so cute, it makes my eyes bleed rainbows.

I want everything!!

The plush I bought from her a rabbit/dog (seriously, that's what the company that made it calls it). It's made by Fancy Fukuya who specializes is making super cute kawaii plush that are available by crane game machines, just to piss all the kawaii lovers off. Either that or make it really hard to find, because if it wasn't, I'd already probably have a whole bunch of Fancy Fukuya stuff. But I don't. Instead of making it readily accessible, they have to make it incredibly frustrating, time consuming, and wallet emptying for you to get them.

Their most popular/famous character is the usadango, which is so cute I could barf rainbows and sunshine dust every time I look at it. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find one because they sell out like fat kids going at a chocolate store, which makes me rage even more.

Here are some of their products that are so cute and impossible to find.


Then they have these little cute chipmunks, which I have a few of. I bought them off of Naomi, that ebay seller I was telling you about. She even threw in an extra one for me as a gift. This was my reaction when I found out how awesome it was to get an extra kawaii chipmunk.

Kawaii chipmunks playing kawaiingly

These are the two larger ones.

Little baby ones! The one that's standing on the leaf was a gift from Naomi.

And I think they came out with some new characters which will make my bank account deplete like there's no tomorrow. One of them is...a bunch of dancing animals or something (but still cute!) and some other miscellaneous characters that are equally as kawaii as the rest.

Hypnotic kawaii dance to make people buy their stuff


Omg, cute crying puppies! My greatest weakness!

Damn you Fancy Fukuya!! Visit their website for more super enraging Japanese kawaiiness.


Vermillion said...

Noooo... too much cuteness lol. I've never seen those characters before but I feel like I want to buy them now XD

And your mum's so nice to make you and your sister plushies C:

Also where do you get arpakasso plushies from? I was thinking of buying from Rakuten but wondering where else you can buy them from.