Tuesday, November 15, 2011

package goodies

For some reason I've been been obsessed with buying Kinder Surprises for the past couple of days. Remember those? It all started a few weeks ago when I had time to kill before heading to work so I went into Pharmaprix, a huge drugstore chain. Walking around, I spotted Kinder Surprise and I thought to myself, why not? I haven't had one in a really long time and my parents didn't really buy them for us that often as kids. But as it usually happens with things in Quebec, there was no price tag and the price scanner was broken. I knew it was $1 something but I wanted to know exactly because I wanted to pay in change! I love paying with change because it doesn't feel like you're really paying with anything. Haha. Then I saw the 3 egg package and thought that maybe it's cheaper to buy that and get one for my brother and sister too. But there was no price! I was all like

But luckily, there was an employee scanning prices nearby so I asked him. The pack of 3 was on special for $2.99 instead of 3.99 so I bought that. When to work and opened mine and IT WAS THE SAME TOY THAT I GOT A FEW MONTHS AGO! I was so pissed! What are the odds, they clearly mass produced that one! It was an hourglass that had a picture on the top and bottom of the hourglass so when it was empty on the top, you could see the picture.

Proof that this is mass produced: I typed in "kinder surprise hourglass" and the first two pictures were of this.

This is personal. I was on a mission to find a super cool awesome toy that they keep advertising on those kinder surprise boxes.

Bring it on Kinder Surprise

During my lunch break, I went with my colleague Sara to the Rockland Centre, a mall near work. I told her my mission about Kinder Surprise so we went to Pharmaprix (another one) and I bought a single Kinder this time and she bought some nasty coconut chocolate called Bounty. Ew.

Back at work, I ripped off the wrapper, cracked open the chocolate egg and guess what I found? AN AMAZING TOY! It was a monkey stamp and it was soooooo cute!

Both Monkey Stamp pics taken from here.

Anyway, remember those packages that I was talking about in my last post? Well, I received my swap from Yumi last week! It was a pretty exciting event, although a little disappointing after I thought about it.

Swap from Yumi

The reason I say that my swap with her was disappointing is because I spent about $135 on a dress that she wanted. I had waited since May for this package to arrive because she was apparently really busy (traveling and having fun). Although the items that she got me were really nice and amazing, I honestly don't think they add up to the $200 value that she wrote on the package. Plus, I think she usually just swaps away things that she doesn't want anymore since she has a huge collection on flickr. Not that I mind, as long as I like the items. But this time, I don't think those items are worth $200. On top of that, I had to pay custom duties and taxes of $30 when I got it. >:|

I received this swap about a month ago from another girl, her name is Ashley and it was freggin' amazing! She basically bought everything that I wanted!

Total kawaii awesomeness!!

And finally, because I managed to find time between that project and studying for the midterm, I took a picture of me and my sister's current arpakasso collection. Yaaaay! Those things are so damn cute and addicting, it's like drugs, except for the cute part, drugs make you ugly and nasty, so don't do them.

The cherry ones are my sister's, except for one of them, we traded a lace and a cherry, and the rest are mine.

We also have mini arpakassos! Blue Ribbon is my sister's and the other two are mine.

I have to go review my notes for my midterm today. I really need to do well on this, wish me luck!