Tuesday, November 08, 2011

shopping goodies

It's been a good week so far. Yeserday, as Alex and I were getting into his car, he went to put his schoolbag in the trunk and threw a package at me. IT WAS THE ALPACAS!!!!

He had ordered some super duper kawaii alpacas for me and they finally arrived! I was practically bouncing in the car. Here are the contents.

Two of these; orange and green. Highlighter colours, as my sister said.

These were for my sister. He ordered for her and she paid him back.

But the cherry ones, my sister gave me one of the cherries and I gave her one of my lace ones, that was in one of my previous posts. I believe she gave me D.

Today, I met up with one of my cousin's friends who visited her in NYC (omg so jealous, I want to go to NYC) and she brought back the Longchamp Hobo bag for me. It's way cheaper to buy things in the States than in Canada and especially since I have someone who lives in the States now, I can buy as much as I want and just ship it to her place. She always has friends visiting so they can bring things back for me. Except I'm not making much money now so I need to control myself.

I love this, the main reason I bought it was so that I can have a practical and good sized bag to bring to Asia next year. But I'm going to wear it as an every day too.

There was also a package that came for me on Friday but my mom forgot to tell me until yesterday. I hope it's the swap package that was mailed out to me last Wednesday. I did a swap with a girl on flickr and I had sent her stuff back in May and for some reason, it took her forever to this done. Don't think I'll be swapping with her again. I had previously swapped with her and she sent an amazing package. Let's hope that this one will be the same.

As requested by Vermillion, here a two more pictures of my previous alpaca purchase. I'll definitely take more pictures once I have more time. Remember that stupid project that I talked about? Well, it's still taking over my life. Two more weeks until the deadline. And I have to study for a midterm for the same class.

Finally, join this contest so that I can have a better chance of winning. Except don't because that'll actually decrease my chances of winning.

And love and adore my dog, Obi. He orders you to, you can't disobey this cuteness.


Vermillion said...

They're so cute *squishes*. I'm trying to pester my friend to get me a birthday (or party one?) one for my birthday haha XD