Tuesday, November 22, 2011

post stress celebration

That awful project that I had to do is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I was going to go buy something to celebrate then I remembered that I'm poor now and Christmas is fast approaching :(. But Alex thoughtfully bought me some adorable panda and gingerbread cookies! They're so delicious. What would I do without him?

That's not what it really looks like but I didn't take a picture of the cookies so this will do for now.

There was a lot of intense last minute work. On Friday, everyone in my group (minus one girl who literally didn't do shit) met up at 7 PM and stayed until past 10 PM. We met again on Monday at 5:30 PM and I didn't leave until 10:30 PM, got home, had supper and worked on the project until 1:30 AM.

Tuesday morning, Murphy's Law kicked at full force. Everything was going wrong, our videos for the oral weren't working, we couldn't connect our laptop to the school's overhead system. Complete chaos. I was ready to slit my own wrists before a heart attack could catch me.


But we managed to get everything working right before our oral. It went alright, I thought we did pretty well but the prof said that we didn't have enough information on our slides. Well...

To celebrate the completion of this project and being completely done with the course, I went to Alex's house and...slept.

I had a headache by the time I got back to his house and it's a really bad time for me to get sick so I took a 2 hour long nap, after inhaling some tynenol and slept like a baby. Or so he said. He said I looked like I was having a really peaceful sleep. And I damn well should have been, my project is over!

But I have to work on another project but I'm not too worried about that one. It's for my Not-for-profit accounting class, and everyone knows you just bs about that. I did for both my midterms and I got 84 and 93 on them.

Hurray for good BS!

More kawaii goodies came in the mail these past couple of days, it's not wonder I'm poor with all this kawaii purchasing. But I'm really stopping now because I have way to much. I'm actually trying to sell some of them. Will post links and such when I have to take pictures and put them online. There's already some stuff up on my flickr.
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Vermillion said...

Your flickr is so cute! *friends*

I hate it when people don't pull their act together in group projects. Makes it hard on the others :/