Monday, April 09, 2012

happy easter!

Pusheen wishes everyone a Happy Easter!

This isn't a picture with my Pusheen unfortunately. I'm not creative enough to think of something like this, plus I already sold my little fat grey kitty and shipped him off ;_____;. I'll miss you my little Pusheen!

Anyway, so I was drilling my brain to decide which one of my plush that I could use for my Easter post since I thought that I didn't have that many Easter related plush (ie bunnies and chicks) but then I realized that I actually had a whole bunch.

I kept thinking back to three of my bunny plushies that were accidentally donated. Two of them were a gift from my Grandfather on my dad's side. They were both very small, they could've been held in the palm of your hand. One was green and I remember that one really well. My Grandpa (Yeh Yeh in Chinese) brought me to the Dollar Store when I was very young (can't remember why, it was probably one of things that he did just because) and I found the bunny and asked him if he could get it for me and he said yes.

The green rabbit plush was in the same position as this bunny and almost just as cute!

It used to be really soft when I first got it and then as it got played with more often, it got dirtier and the fur started getting...rough and...lumpy. But despite that, I still loved the little thing since it was one of the few things that Yeh Yeh actually bought me (he always gave money as gifts).

I'm not entirely sure if the green was donated but I'm 90% sure that it was. After my finals, I'll have more time to go through some of my kawaii collection and hopefully, I'll be able to find it.

The other two I kept thinking about were donated for sure. I remember that they were both placed in a bag that wasn't meant to be donated but because there were no markings on the bag indicating that they were going to be kept, they were. T_________T. This happened about 3 or 4 years ago and I still talk about. I clearly can't let go.

If only things were like Toy Story, where my toys could make their way back to me after they've been donated...

The other one Yeh Yeh gave me was sitting down but the colour was brownish white. It looked very much like a real rabbit and it was really soft and cute too! I forgot what was the reason for giving it to me but I still very young, although not as young as when he got me the green bunny.

It looked very much like this little guy.

The final bunny plush that I'm talking about was one of my favourite plushes. My sister has gotten it for me as a gift many years ago in Toronto. I remember seeing the bunny plush and wanting it, but because it was expensive, I didn't get it. Little did I know, my baby sister was generous and kind enough to get it for me. It was a great surprise! The tag on the bunny plush said,"Primp," and as dumb as I thought the name was, that's what I named him since I assumed that was his name. I remember there was a blue one, a yellow one, and I think a green one. The pink was the best looking one out of the bunch and that's the one my sister got me. When I realized that it was accidentally donated, I searched everywhere for it! I ebayed, kijijied,craigslisted, anything you can think of for it. But right now, it's lost forever.

Farewell Primp. I will always remember you and your cuddlyness.

As dumb as it sounds, I was actually depressed over my lost Primp. I tried desperately to find another one and I was willing to pay any price to get it back. But I guess it wasn't a very popular character or something (I believe it was a Korean character since the characters on the tag were Korean), since I wasn't able to find him :( But to make myself feel better about the loss, I argued that at least he's making some unfortunate child happy (at least, they better be happy with him! If not, I'd gladly take him back!). Oh Primp, I will never forget you all those happy times we had. I still remember that you smelt like strawberries when you were first gifted to me (he lost that smell eventually, I sprayed perfume on him to keep him smelling nice, I'm such a loser).

Anyway, I guess you're all expecting super duper kawaii Easter pictures of my plush but....I don't have any. I've been at Alex's house since Saturday night studying for my finals so I haven't had time to take pictures. All my plush are at home anyway and the weather has been crap so I couldn't get any good shots of them. This post is actually my break before I get back to hitting the books.

If only...I'd feed all my notes to Obi.

BUT! I did find a cute picture of some of my usazukins that was previously taken so I'll use that one since it's better than nothing..right? It totally sucks that I couldn't get any nice Easter shots, especially since I went out and BOUGHT a bunch of Easter chocolates just for my Easter post! I bought loads of Mini Eggs (omg, they're so addictive, I eat them until I get sick. I never learn.) and those little Lindt Bunny chocolates (the small ones, because they big ones were all gone...and they're expensive).

I'll probably still do some Easter shots since I bought all the chocolates and stuff but it'll just be late....

Happy Easter Everyone!!!