Wednesday, April 04, 2012

kawaii foods

I don't know if this has ever happened to anyone, but I was about to eat a very unhealthy breakfast of a chocolate croissant and milk at Alex's house, just when I was about to take a bite, I noticed.....

that it looked like a panda!

Or maybe a bulldog. The point is, it totally looked like a cute animal and I kept pointing it out to Alex and making a big deal about it. I ate it in the end though. It was yummy.

But it got me thinking about kawaii food (food that is purposely made cute). If accidental kawaii food is cute, imagine how insanely adorable intentional kawaii food is!? I did some research and this is what I found:

BEAR BUNS IN A CUP!! (because bear buns by itself are not cute enough, they have to be baked in a cup)

Panda Bread! I admit that it doesn't look really good but at least it's cute to look at!

Pretty coffee foam art! I like the panda the best.

Cinnamoroll sandwiches! Coupled with the kawaii coffee art, I'm set.

My birthday's coming up, so someone better order this cake for me ;)

And here are the two killers....

These are so cute, they should be illegal! I almost had a minor nosebleed due to kawaiiness overload (you'd get it too if you googled kawaii foods and cute foods in images). These two pictures almost finished me. This is probably really irrelevant seeing as how cute they are, but I wonder if they taste good? I wonder if any of these kawaii foods taste yummy.

Now, excuse me while I run off to search for these kawaii yummies!

If you're interested in seeing more kawaii food, this site has a lot of adorable food pitures, as well as unsual gadgets!