Sunday, May 06, 2012

nemuneko invasion

I forgot to show Alex's mom's gift. She had bought me a beautiful Matt & Nat wallet. I found it on my side of Alex's bed when I went upstairs to look for something. Alex told me that I wasn't allowed to open it until she had come home so that she can see my expression. Except she didn't come home until well past 10 PM that night and Alex was already knocked out after being heavily medicated while I was close to being knocked out due to fatigue.

Matt & Nat were established in Montreal and they specialize in "vegan" leather. They're considered a pretty high end brand in the Montreal and New York areas. Other than that, I've never really seen it for sale anywhere else. I used to be obsessed with their products 5 or 6 years ago when I first purchased my "adult" wallet. I was fresh out of high school and was shopping with friend. We both saw the wallets and fell in love, luckily she fell in love with the white one and I, the black one. It was about $50 and for a broke fresh out of high school student, that was a lot of money. But I got a lot of usage (and compliments) out of it and I still have it today, even though I never use it anymore.

I love the ribbons!



I love wallets that have a lot of card slips and when they're arranged so nicely. My first Matt & Nat one was like that, so was my Lacoste one that followed, and now my Michael Kors one is like that too (although the best one would have to be my Lacoste, it was so easy to find the cards I wanted).


The wallet was made with 21 recycled bottles. They're very environmentally focused.

Good Luck Coin his mom put in the wallet. She told me that it was bad luck to gift a wallet without a coin in it.

I received my huge order of Nemunekos earlier this week. I had decided to stop buying kawaii things but felt bad cancelling on the seller because she was so sweet and she gave me really good discounts (plus it was a big order). So against my better judgement, I ended up buying it. I did the same thing with two other sellers, omg I'm going to be drowning in kawaii AND I'm going to Japan. Judas Priest, help me.

Tons of Nemunekos!!!

Big Furry Pepper & Grey.

LOOK AT THESE TWO!!! They're so cute and fluffy that I had to get them. And instead of being smart and trying to save my money, I bought both! My money woes were forgotten when I saw these two and I couldn't stop TOUCHING them (in an appropriate way, get your mind out of the gutter!). They're so soft, it's like...a pile of soft bunnies.

Stacked (soft) fatties.

Nemunekos with LEGS.

These ones have legs! Look at that those litte stubby legs! I bet you they can't run very fast though, but it beats me how they're still so fat. If anything, they should be thinner than the ones without legs since they can at least move, instead of remaining stationary like the legless ones.

Flower Power Quadripedal Nemunekos.


Maybe they're mutant Nemunekos or something, or they're the next generation of nemunekos. Evolution at it's best, evolving from sliding around to having legs. The quadripedal ones stack a lot easier too. It must be evolution.

Smaller Nemunekos.

These ones are much smaller than the other ones. They're keychains and cellphone charms.

Double Kitty Nemunekos.

I think I might've ordered similar ones from Kawaii Pile but they're larger. At least they better be for the price I paid for them. You know you have a problem when you can't remember which kawaii you buy and end up with doubles. I seriously think I need to go to an KA meeting or something. The outsider (scarf) was a gift for purchasing the whole but he seems to be right at home with the other ones! He may not have another kitty sitting on his head but he's got a rocking red scarf.

Cellphone Nemuneko Charms!

These are really cute, and I believe they're one of the rarer ones since Furyu hardly makes cellphone charm-sized goodies. My favourite is the black one.


The seller was sweet enough to give me some awesome freebies! She knew that I was going to buy a Kireizukin Seikatu plush from her but I decided at the last minute not to (trying to save money, give me a bit of credit for that!) so she just gave me to me!

Kireizukin Seikatu & Kiiroitoris.

Adopt Us!

Last but not least, I now have too many Nemunekos. This happens to me all the time, whenever I fall in love with a kawaii character, I go crazy with buying the plush and end up with more than what I know what to do with, so I have to part with some of them. All of these are up for adoptions! If interested, leave me a comment with your contact info!