Monday, May 14, 2012

new kapibara-san rements!!!!

Guess what boys and girls, THERE'S A NEW KAPIBARASAN RE-MENT COMING OUT IN JUNE!!!!!!!!!!

Look at that little kapi table!


Kapibara-san Family Restaurant
Release Date: Mid June 2012
Price: 399 yen each
  1. Morning Set
  2. Kitsune Udon Set
  3. Omushichuu
  4. Sandwich
  5. Hamburger Set
  6. Oko-sama Set
  7. Katsu Gozen
  8. Purin ala mode

This is so exciting! This will be the second set of Kapibara-san re-ments, the first one were sweets and they were keychains. I made a post about them here. But these ones actually look like re-ments. I normally don't collect re-ments (the only ones I have are the kapi sweets ones) but I must have these!

Re-ment details.

Hm, it says that it's 399 yen each, which is about $5. It'll probably be cheaper for me to buy them while I'm in Japan this July instead of getting it here. Assuming that it's $40 for the whole set from J-list or Play-Asia, plus shipping which would be about $10 (which is freggin' expensive, I hate paying for shipping), the total would be about $50. When I'm in Japan, it'll be $5 x 8 = $40 so $10 cheaper. Damn, they're expensive. I'll probably end up getting them anyway, unless I spend all my money on kawaii plushies first.

Imagine having real food like this?

If I had to choose a favourite, I think it would be the Katsu Gozen, which is number 7. Number 2 and 6 are super adorable too though! Gah, they're all cute! This is why I need to get all of them. When in doubt, just buy all of them XD.

In other news, the wedding was fantastic! It was beautiful and I've never been to a wedding like that before (not that I've been to many to begin with). The weather was gorgeous, 22 Celsius, nice and warm but not hot. Unfortunately, I was stuck doing my CMA review for the better part of the day but left early so that I could get to the reception on time. It did cheer me up from all the issues that has been happening lately and I'm feeling fine now. Next post will be the wedding post, give you a break from my kawaii obsessions ;)