Friday, May 11, 2012

arpakassos + nemunekos for sale

This is going to be a selling post. I don't have time to make a proper post since I've been extremely busy lately and I'm really behind on my studying. One event keeps happening after another and it's taking a toll on me physically and emotionally. Hopefully, I'll be able to forget the problems plaguing my loved ones long enough for me to enjoy the wedding tomorrow (and the finishing of my CMA review)!

Cuties all for sale!

Adopt me and my mousey friend!

Arpakassos for sale! You know you want them! Side note: I'm really pleased with how this picture turned out.

Baby arpakassos for sale!

As always, it kills me to sell them but my trip is looming overhead and they're invading my room (basement and spare room). If interested, leave your contact information in the comments section. Thanks for looking and happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

Hey there! What's your price? I'd love to buy! I'm Melissa, and my email is! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi hun it's tiana was talking to you on instagram here is my email :3