Friday, June 28, 2013

rilakkuma x yamanote line

All aboard!

Well, it looks like San-x has does it again! They're going to release yet another series in addition to their huge Rilakkuma Wonderland collection (and all their other ones).

This one is a collaboration between Rilakkuma and Japan's Yamanote subway line. When I was in Japan last year, Alex and I pretty mostly traveled on the Yamanote line so I feel like I have to get something from this collection just because...I've been on it. Silly reason isn't it?

Yamanote Goodies

Not a huge line up of goodies, which is amazing, especially since people are probably going to spend their rent and groceries money on their Wonderland collection. San-x, you sly dog. These are going to be released in mid-July.

I'm not sure if I would get the plush though. The conductor one is cute but there's something that's stopping from getting it without hesitation.

The tote is so cute, I love that all three of them are peeking through the window. The water container is different from their usual line of goods and it's really cute. But I probably won't get it since I have a Hannari Tofu water container and it's been very good to me since I got it two years ago. But when has lack of necessity ever stopped me from getting stuff?

I won't be getting the ID case because Florence got me an amazing one when she was in Japan (which she still hasn't given me, we've been so busy) (⌒_⌒;)

I'm not entirely impressed with the lanyard (?) so that's a no which leaves the subway compartment keychain, which looks ok...meaning I probably won't get anything. But that's, of course, always subject to change!

Will you be getting anything? Have you ever ridden on the Yamanote Line?

All images taken from the San-x blog