Thursday, February 16, 2012

bento dilemma

I've never been a bento person, the reason is I'm too lazy to make my food look adorable and delicious. It's something that my sister is really into and as much as I adore the super kawaii items that she uses to make her bentos (omg, egg molds and sandwich cutters? Too cute!), I was frankly just too lazy to get into it since it takes so much work to make bento.

Imagine how much work it took to make this!

So cute (and delicious-looking)!

But now, everything changed.

I accidently discovered a shop that sold bento boxes (and tons of manga) and they were sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! But with a price tag of $30+, excluding taxes (we're very lucky to have a 16% tax rate), I balked. I know, I know, for someone to spends a lot of many of kawaii, $40 shouldn't be too bad right? WRONG! I have a trip to Asia to save up for and I've been spending way too much money lately. Despite this, I was seriously contemplating on whether to get a bento box or not, especially a wooden one with two adorable rabbits on it. But as I mentioned, the price tag made me decide, in the end, not to get it.

It looked something like this, except burgandy and 1 tier.

So I've started looking around for bento boxes and I always knew that bento boxes were cute but I actually started thinking about buying one. I'm going to be working full time soon, meaning that I'll be bringing lunches to work every day (I always bring lunches to school too but they're always sandwiches, they don't have microwaves at school). When I work part time, I always bring lunch that needs to be heated, but in a simple ziplock container, and everyone knows that lunches in cute containers make everything better.

I found a few that I really liked but they're all around $30! Which isn't too bad, considering how much stuff you can put into them (I don't eat much, sadly. And I'm still fat, wtf!) and some of them include chopsticks and a bento bag too.

Anything Totoro is a must-have!

I can make a totoro bento in a totoro bento box (yeah right, I'm just going to dump my food in my adorable bento box)!

This too cute! It comes with a matching bento bag. I'm leaning towards this one if I do get one...

Another totoro bento, it's 2 tier.

THERE'S EVEN A KAPIBARA-SAN ONE!!!!!!!!!!! But it's not as nice as the other ones.

So what should I do??????? Save money and have lunch for the rest of my life in this:

Or one of these:

And if I do get a bento, which one should I get!? Gaaaaaaah, decisions!