Tuesday, February 28, 2012

valentine's day kawaii

I was pretty productive yesterday but when I got home, I realized that I had left all my kawaii with Alex in his car, which was at his work. Since I couldn't take a picture of all the kawaii he got me for Valentine's Day, I couldn't make a post of it ;_________;

But it did prevent me from double posting, which is something that I don't like to do. I like to give my (few) readers a chance to actually read one of my posts before posting another one. That, and I'm too lazy to make more than one post a day. Blog posts actually take a while to write, believe it or not. Just the searching for pictures, taking pictures, uploading them, etc. takes a long time.

Anyway, normally, when I'm expecting kawaii to arrive at my door, it's always on my mind. I always think to myself, "Is it going to arrive today? Is it going to be there when I get home? I hope it's already there when I get home."

Or if it didn't arrive, which is usually the case, I think, "Why isn't it here yet? What's taking it so long? UGH! Shipping is so slow, but I'm too cheap to pay for faster shipping. It'll arrive eventually right? RIGHT?! I hope it didn't get lost in the mail. I wonder if it's going to arrive tomorrow? I hope it arrives tomorrow."

What I normally look like when I'm waiting for my kawaii packages.

And it repeats until eventually, it arrives. When it does, I'm all like:

For some reason, even though Alex bought a whole bunch of kawaii for me for Valentine's Day, I wasn't thinking about it. Maybe because I was expecting them to arrive in a really long time (don't know why, they were both airmail shipping from Singapore, which usually takes a week) or maybe because I was really looking towards my SPRING BREAK!!!!!!

Except it's called, "Reading Week" for some reason and it's a bit too early for Spring now anyway. Instead of partying it up and being classy (flashing people and getting ugly drunk), I relaxed, caught up with friends, went shopping with my mom and spent a lot of time with Alex. It was a really nice break :)

Anyway, enough with my rambling, let's get to the good stuff. As I mentioned, all the kawaii-ness that Alex bought me for Valentine's Day had arrived and I squeed and made all those God awful noises that I promised would never come out of me ever again.

Packages of kawaii.

Kapibarasans, Nemunekos, and other kawaii, oh my!

Little ram keychain plush and White Tiger plush, both from Caltoy. The tiger's face is a little squashed but that just gives it character :)

White-san and Chicky pouchs from Kapibara-san collection. I love the little antenna!

These adorable pouches are UFO catcher prizes in Japan, believe it or not. I thought they were retail items but I guess it's entirely possible since Japan has way better toy catcher prizes than North America. Alex and I had a lot of fun watching youtube videos of people winning UFO prizes in Japan. My wallet is going to get really skinny in Japan...

Back view, I really like coloured chains too.

Vibrating Nemuneko plush!

Alex and I decided to make a race out of the cats to see which one would get their prize first. The first few times we did it, he had the black one and I had the other one. He won each time and then we decided to switch. Black cat won every time, even when Alex cheated with the orange and white one -_-. I guess the black one is the faster nomers.

Adorable stubby tails!

Christmas Tigger! It's a little late but he's still really cute so I naturally, had to get him.

Valentine's Day Kapibarasans, all standing in row.

And here are the Valentine's Day Kapibarasans that everyone has been waiting for since this post. It was really hard to get a good picture of them and most of the pictures are pretty awkward because they're standing on their feet, holding something but their heads are so big that they topple over.

Each holding some Valentine's goodies.

Top view.

As a surprise, Alex also got me a copy of Cynanide and Happiness, which is a collection of hilarious webcomics. I've had my eye on this book for a few years now but never got around to buying it. I mentioned to Alex a looooooong time ago that I had wanted to get it. I'm surprised that he remembered to be honest and it was sweet of him to get it for me.

Cover of Cyanide and Happiness.

Sample comics.

If you liked those comics, you can check out more of their comics here. But as a warning, some of their comics are a little too much.