Monday, February 20, 2012

bye bye kawaii T_______T

There comes a time in every kawaii collector's life, where a horrible and awful, realization dawns on you...the fact that you have too much kawaii.

Unfortunately, this realization has hit me. I think it's been clear that I have too many kawaii plushes for a while but I was in denial. My room is packed with these adorable, cuddly kawaii goodies and they're taking over. My study desk isn't used for studying but for stacking my kawaii plushes on top of each other since I have no more shelf space on my bookcase. I also have two more boxes of kawaii goodies from swaps (coincidentally, from the same person) sitting my floor.

My mentality before I realized I was practically drowning in kawaii.

With a heavy heart, I realize I must sell some of my kawaii collection. The money will go towards my Asia trip this summer (where I will probably buy lots of kawaii stuff) since I thought my parents would help out, but it turns out...they're not. I've already posted the pictures on flickr so in an attempt to sell some more, I'm posting it on my blog as well.

95% of them have the original tags and they're all in perfect condition (I keep them in a container). For those that don't have tags, I'll let you know when you contact me. Shipping is a little high because Canada Post has a monopoly in the mail carrier business (other than FedEx and UPS, but they're way more expensive than CP).

Thank you to those of you who have already supported me by buying some of my items! I hope it was an enjoyable experience for you and I can't wait for you to get your items!

Let the shopping begin! Buy some stuff! Support my Asia trip!


  • Pink Condom Plush: $7
  • Doraemons: $9 each or $25 for all 3
  • Pink & White Maruneko: $15
  • Yellow & Green Bunny: $5
  • I love Rich pouch: $6

More plushes.

  • Pink arpakasso with removable bow: $14
  • Fat Cat on Pillow: $6
  • Princess Dog Canimal: $8
  • Brown Reindeer Keychain Plush: $8
  • Marie keychain: $7
  • :3 Panda: $6
  • San-X Kutsushita Nyanko: $9

Rilakkuma Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace.
  • Brand new, never been worn.
  • Pendant Size: Approx. 21.0 x 13.0mm
  • Chain Length: Approx. 40.0-45.0cm
  • Material: Silver 925 with Rhodium Coating
  • Synthetic Shell Pearl

I had bought this on a whim but I never wore it, it's been siting in my jewelry box since it arrived :(. Someone adopt it and wear it with pride! Make your Rilakkuma friends jealous (I, unfortunately, don't have friends who like Rilakkuma...or kawaii things ;______;)!


  • Everything except Strawberry HK Squishie and Arpakasso Head Plush


  • Everything but Sabo Kappa plush (Cactus holding donut) and Racoon HK

Odds & Ends.

  • Everything

Pouches, Folders, and Notebooks.

  • Everything but Hello Kitty coin pouch

If interested if any of these items, please leave me a comment with your contact information so that I can get back to you! Thanks for looking!