Sunday, February 12, 2012

welcoming the new members of the arpakasso family

Last week, a few new members of my large arpakasso family arrived in the mail. When we received the package, there was a message from Canada Post, saying that the package was damaged when they received it and that if there were many items missing, they would reimburse the difference.

Luckily, everything was there but I did debate on whether I should rip off Canada Post to get back at them for charging such ridiculous shipping fees but the devil in me was on vacation or something, so I decided not to.

Let's welcome the new members of my arpakasso family!

I had bought these off a flickr friend, who was selling them for a reasonable price, although still a little expensive for their size...but they're arpakassos who, by definition are expensive no matter the size or type. She said that she had too many of them (omg, seriously? How can you have too many arpakasso?) and wanted to sell them (great way to make money, selling arpakassos....). Since I am obviously obsessed with all things kawaii, I bought some. The medium white one is my sister's though.

Kissy kissy

Omg, we already have a baby!

Moral of the story is don't kiss, because you'll instantaneously get pregnant and give birth.

As evidenced by those pictures.

This is why the two scarf arpakassos are going to take things slow. The beige arpakasso I had received from a swap and it's sooo cute and soft! I personally like that one better than the white arpakasso with the pink scarf. I'm pretty sure it's because of its eyes...or lack thereof.

Scarf apakassos taking things slow. Not even holding hands hooves.

I'm now waiting in the mail for a smaller version of the beige earmuff arpakasso below. It's a lot cuter than what it looks like in the picture, although it was pretty expensive, about $15 shipped. But it was so cute, I couldn't resist!

These are the 40cm ones, mine's about 10 cm.

All I need now are the baby sailor arpakassos! They're so damn hard to find, why can't Japan just make arpakassos available everywhere? They'd make more money and who cares if everyone has one? The whole kawaii community would be over moon instead of constantly harassing sellers about when they're going to restock (if they ever do, which they don't because they're so IMPOSSIBLE to find).

Sailor Arpakasso, make my life complete by joining my arpakasso family!


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