Tuesday, March 27, 2012

new arpakassos + selling some

It's been long overdue that I made a blog post but school has been keeping me extremely busy! All the projects are due at around the same time and all my teammates and I are scrambling to get it done. Plus, for one of my projects, my teammates are not the best people to work with. But I won't bore you with those details but let me summarize how working with that group is like with this gif.

I turn into super raging Saiyan Twilight Sparkle.

But in super kawaii news, I received a whole bunch of new arpakassos in the mail! Arpakassos make everything better, especially since one of them is my preordered Cotton Candy one! I ordered this back in February or something and it was freakin' expensive. It was about $45. It's cute but what was I thinking!? It was pretty annoying because the seller wouldn't allow preorders to be combined with any other offer and she gives free shipping with purchases over 6,000 yen. This alone was like 2000 yen or 2500 yen, I had ordered other stuff and it was exactly 6,000 yen but then she tells me that they're not allowed to be combined with other items, etc. So in the end, I had to pay a small fortune for this guy because she also charges really high shipping rates. I order a lot from Japan so I know approximately how much shipping rates are for certain items and she definitely does not charge actual cost rates. I also dropped my order for the other items because as much as I like arpakasso, there was no way that I was going to pay extravagant shipping fees twice.

Mint Green Cotton Candy Arpakasso Family!

Can't you tell that I love the green cotton candy one? It's my favourite of the whole collection. The two smaller ones were purchased from friends who were selling theirs. I'm probably going to have to end up selling of them. Did anyone notice Obi lurking in the background?

Tiny Baby Arpakassos

Here are all the tiny baby ones that I bought from a friend that had too many. They're so tiny and precious! My favourite one is the mint green one, obviously but I also really like the brown one with the longer ears. I've been wanting to get one like that for the longest time but they're hard to find.

Earmuffs Long-Eared Arpakasso

There's also this one that I had for a long time now but just never got around to taking a picture of it. I think this is one of my favourite ones since it's so cute! I like the longer ears and the blue earmuffs compliment the colour of the arpakasso well. I bought my sister a giant one similar to this but it's white with shorter ears and pink earmuffs instead. It's so big that I can ride it like a pony. The tag was ripped off because Obi managed to steal it once -_-

The whole gang, minus the earmuff one.

I'm also selling some of my arpakassos since I have too many. There's a picture of them below.

Arpakassos for Sale

If anyone is interested, just leave me a comment with your e-mail and I'll get back to you!