Sunday, March 04, 2012

newfound kiiroitori love

I've recently fallen in love with Kiiroitori, the little chick from the Rilakkuma series.

How can you not like this?!

I think my love began because of the limited edition Rilakkuma Hamburger plushes that San-x came out with. I made a small blog post about it, about how my buyer from Japan was able to get it for me. It turns out that she couldn't get it for me, she misunderstood and thought that I was referring to the regular picnic series. T________T

Why are you so cute (and so limited edition-y)!?

But on the bright side, I'm saving money, which is always a good thing. I've found some other sellers that have the Hamburger birdy but they're around $60+ and as cute as it is, it's too expensive for me and with my Asia trip looming ahead, no, just no.

But for those who know me, you know that I can't let it go without getting at least one! Or in my case, seven. That's right, I started researching for this little birdie the moment I realized that I couldn't allow myself to spend over $60 on one plush. Instead, I got 7 for less than that price (shipping included).

All pictures are courtesy of the sellers.

The one in the middle, holding the fan.

The two ribbon ones. I couldn't decide which one to get so I got both, I'm probably going to end up selling one of them, depending on which one is cuter ^-^;;

Devilish Kiiroitori, who knew being so evil could be so cute?

The fuzzy on the top middle.

This is the first one that I found and totally fell in love with after I realized that I couldn't get the hamburger one. They're both food related :D

Looking extremely Parisian with the beret and the national flag coloured tie.

So I might have gone a little crazy with the kiiroitori purchasing, now that I've listed them. But don't worry, I'll sell the extras when they all arrive and I realize that I seriously need money.