Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year - Year of the Snake!

Happy New Year everyone! Today's Chinese New Year and as we say bye bye to the year of the dragon (my year -sob-), we welcome the year of the snake. Hopefully, it'll be a good year for me, especially in the job department since 2012 wasn't that great.

Snake Kapis overpowering Dragon Kapi

My sister came to visit for the New Year and she arrived on Wednesday and I've been so busy shopping and going out with her I haven't had much time for blogging. Before CNY, there's also a crap load of stuff to do, endless meals with family and friends, before and after the new year.

Presents she bought me.

She even bought me gifts! She said the plush looked like Obi so that's why she got it for me. I've been wanting to try different kinds of pocky for a while and when I heard that the panda pocky is actually cookies & cream (as opposed to actually being panda flavoured), I desperately wanted to have a taste. I love cookies & cream, one of my favourite ice cream flavours too!

Pocky Panda


Woo, fireworks and rockets! Maybe it's so good, you'll see fireworks and wish you were on a rocket with that panda?

Romantic Obi

The plush is super soft and it's perfect for Valentine's Day , which I will be spending alone since Alex has three midterms to write during V Day week (。┰ω┰。) I can cuddle this while Alex is writing his midterm. My sister also bought me a pair of cute underwear but seeing as I'm wearing it, I won't take a picture of it for you, don't want to induce any kind of comas now.

Snake Kapibara-san Plush Keychains

When I saw the design that Tryworks (the company that makes Kapibara-san) made for the year of the snake plushies, I thought it was hilarious. Are the snakes eating the Kapibara-san and his friends, anaconda style or did some unsuccessful black magic happen to fuse snakes and capybaras together? 【・ヘ・?】

Back View

The pink one has a cute little ribbon attached on its butt while the other two just have plain butts. Do snakes even have butts?

Front View

Kapibara-san is....hungry? But his snake isn't. The snakes on White-san and the yellow one are hungry though but the capybaras themselves aren't. So weird, why can't they all be hungry? Or why can't they all be full? I would think the snakes would be full since they might've eaten the capybaras. 

White-san with pink snake.

Kapibaran-san with blue snake.

(don't know this name) with yellow snake. His snake has hair!


I had the chance to buy the bird also but I wasn't crazy about the look of it so I decided to leave my collection unfinished. My favourite is the yellow snake and the Kapibara-san one, which one's yours? Are you celebrating Chinese New Year? If so, what are you plans?