Thursday, February 07, 2013

new mamegoma design and goodies

I learned that San-x has yet again redesigned mamegoma and will be coming with some new items featuring its new look.
New Mamegoma look!

For those of you who aren't familiar with mamegoma, it's an adorable little seal and his friends. I personally love mamegoma and I fell in love with him even more when they redesigned him about a year or two ago. 

The original Mamegoma.

Mamegoma v. 2 - Fat!

I find version 2 mamegoma even cuter than the original version. How can any resist short and fat animals? Now, they've changed his look again to an even more cartoony look. I find it's pretty cute but I still like v. 2 the best.

Obviously, they'll come out with new items to celebrate v.3 mamegoma! Some of the items are actually really cute and I'm going to start saving now to get them ;)

Mamegoma Erasers.

Clear Folders.

I really like the clear folder on the left, and these folders are amazing. They're so light, perfect for holding school or work notes. I have tons of these folders. Unfortunately, they're not very durable and they can't hold too many sheets of paper, which is why I have tons of these folders. 

Memo Pads with mini erasers.

These are memo pads that come with several erasers. I have bought a few of these in the past (of v.2 mamegoma) and have never used them yet. They're really convenient  since you can just stick the whole pack into your bag. I'm not sure if the erasers actually work though since I've never used them. But since San-x doesn't cut corners, I would bet that they work well. 

Small Memo Pads.

My two favourites out of the tiny memos are the two on the right. The one that's closer to the middle is so adorable, it reminds me so much of Obi and Kami.

Coin Purse & Wallet

Not a big fan of either. It's a cute design but I find it's a bit too cluttered, too many mamegomas! I also don't like the design of the wallter itself, not enough room for me to put my cards and change щ(ಠ益ಠщ).

Now here's my favourite part.....THE PLUSHES!!!!! (人´∀`*)

Plush Straps

These are so cute! I love the black one with white spots! I definitely want that one. I've been looking for a black mamegoma FOREVER but they all cost like a billion yen.


These are cute but I don't think I'd actually get any of them. I'm not a fan of the emoji (blue) one nor the yellow one. I find the rosy cheeks on the white and pink kind of ruined it...

Giant Plush!

They also made a humungo jungo one for those of you who like excessive cuddling. I could use that for a pillow! But i already have a giant sirotan plush that I received from a swap so sorry, giant mamegoma, I won't be getting you.

What do you think of the collection? Which mamegoma version is your favourite?

All pictures were taken from the Official San-x website.