Friday, February 01, 2013

latest and upcoming rilakkuma releases

Personally, I'm not a big fan of Rilakkuma but I do know a lot of kawaii lovers are. I've been seeing a lot of news concerning Rilakkuma releases lately so I decided to make a post about it. There are a few items I'm interested in, even if it is Rilakkuma.

Let's start off with the Horoscope collection. As the name implies, Rilakkuma is dressed up as each of the 12 horoscopes. I find the Aries and Leo really cute, especially the Leo. Unfortunately, I'm neither of those so I probably won't be getting any. I'm a Taurus and it's ok, not cute enough for me to get though. I'm considering the Leo...

Horoscope Rilakkuma Plushes

Keychain Plushes

For those of you interested in this collection, I have good news! They've already started selling them so you better act quick if you still want to get your hands on one, or two or all of them! They were available as of January 19th.

The next collection is the Aloha Rilakkuma and I'm sure you can guess from the name what it's about, Hawaii obviously! I would seriously love to visit one day, Rilakkuma is so lucky!

Limited Edition Aloha Plushes, being sold as of February 2nd.

Rilakkuma usually has its "limited edition" plushes and then it's regular plushes. The ones shown above are the special ones. They're starting to be available for sale this coming Saturday, but the special plushies are always sold out really quick! People line up like crazy for them so if you want one (or both), you better make sure you have someone in Japan who's willing to line up and snatch them up before they're all gone. Or else you'll be paying a huge mark up for them via eBay.

Rilakkuma Hawaii Collection

With the special collectibles out of the way, let's have a look at the actual collection. I've only taken screenshots of the more interesting items from the collection. The rest can be viewed at the official San-x website.

Large Memos & Letter Sets

Pouches, cases and wallets

Small Memo Pads

Keychain Plushes

Desk Trays

I actually like the desk trays, they're pretty cute. I like the Korilakkuma one more though. 

Of course, the plushes!

I'm not impressed with the Hawaii collection to be honest. It's too...stereotypically Hawaiian for my liking but to their own. The collection will be available in February.

Aloha Re-Ments

However, I do LOVE the upcoming Aloha Re-Ment that's coming out soon in February. I would totally buy this except I wouldn't have any space to put them anywhere :(

These two plushes are going to be released to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the Tokyo Station store. From February 13-17, these two plushies will be available for sale only at the Tokyo Station store. They're going to sell out like hot cakes! 

Apparently, there's going to be cake served too. The Japanese really go all out when they celebrate!

10 Year Anniversary Birthday Cake Re-Ment

And last but not least is this super adorable Re-Ment that celebrates 10 years of Rilakkuma and friends! I love love love love this one! I think I'm definitely going to ask for this for my birthday. Look at all the beautiful and delicious cakes! This celebratory Re-Ment will be released in April, just in time for my birthday! 

So there you have it, the most recent and upcoming Rilakkuma releases. Are you going to get any of them?

All photos were taken from the official San-x website with the exception of the Birthday Cake Re-Ment, that was taken from here.

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