Monday, March 19, 2012

kawaii mail haul

Despite not acing my Strategy & Competition quiz this morning, it turned out to be an awesome day! I got home at 10:30 AM (which is unheard of since I normally finish class at 10 AM). Two packages of kawaii have arrived throughout the day while I was trying to finish my huge paper. So....obviously I took a break to rip open the parcels, take pictures, then make a blog post XD.

Kawaii Mail!

This first package was from Yumi, who is the sweetest and kindest seller ever. She's extremely nice and very quick to reply to her e-mails! I'll definitely be buying from her again. Thanks to Mary for recommending her :)

First Package From Japan.

I was actually surprised at how quickly it arrived, or maybe I just expected it to take forever. But I think she shipped it out a week and a half ago? I think time just passed by really quickly and I didn't even notice it so it seemed like it didn't take long. I don't know.

Kawaii Goodies From Yumi - usazukins, arpakassos, kiiroitoris!

She packaged everything really nicely and she even included a little letter and some freebies! Freebies are always a nice bonus :). Her note was really cute and it even had some of her drawings around it.

Ribbon Lace and Cotton Candy Arpakassos

Of course, I had to get some arpakassos!!! I especially love the two cotton candy ones, which are the mint green and purple one, both with their adorable bows. Unfornatuntely, the green one looks a little derpy but at least I got my hands on one! The pink is beautiful, with a lace necklace, very elegant and of course, who can resist the two ribbon ones?

Cute little bows on their backs.

Keychain and Mascot Bow Tie Kiiroitoris

Next are the two Bow Tie Kiiroitoris. Aren't they precious? They're super soft too! I realize how silly it is to get two of the same plush but look at them! I've also decided to sell one of them but I can't decide which one! The smaller one is rounder but the bigger one is more cuddly! What's funny is that the larger one is actually a keychain, how weird! Which one should I keep?!

Various Kiiroitoris All Standing in a Row, by size.

Look at them, standing next to each other in increasing height. Doesn't it just make you want to die from cuteness? Except don't, because I can't afford to be sued right now, or ever. There's the fuzzy keychain, the fan yielding Kiiroitoi, devil Kiiroitori and victorious ice cream Kiiroitori! Hard to decide which one's my favourite though, since they're all so round, pudgy and cute! Make me want to squeeeeeeze them.

Little Devil Tail

Two Adorable Usazukins, one teddy and one rabbit.

I didn't expect the rabbit usazukin to be as soft as it is, I don't know what's up with me, if I have low expectations for kawaii plushies or what, but I'm always so impressed with how soft plushies can be! I notice that I'm always rambling on about the softness of it. I like soft things :D. Anyway, the rabbit is super cute, the button attached to it even says, "I <3 Usazukin!" and how they not love themselves when they look as cute as that? The bear is adorable too but not nearly as soft as the rabbit. I have a larger version of it :)

The tags are too cute! Doesn't the chick remind you of Kiiroitori?

My First Kireizukin Seikatu Plush

I actually really like this character, Kireizukin Seikatu. I don't think he (or is it she?) is really popular but I find it really endearing. I mean, it's always doing housework! I need to find myself a raccoon like that. This is my first plush of this character and it doesn't look like it in the picture, but it's actually pretty big. What I like even more about this is the fact that it's holding a macaroon! I guess everyone needs a little coffee break from cleaning :)

I seriously have an obsession with tails but just look at it!

Monster Hunter (?) Piggy!

Last but not least is the freebie! I think this adorable pig is from Monster Hunter but I can't be entirely sure. But who cares, it's cute and IT'S WEARING SHORTS!!! Or boxers? Same thing, in essence.

I have to get back to my paper now, I'm almost done but it's the fine details that I have to finish, which are always the most tedious parts. Oh, and I 'm feeling much better now, although still not 100%. I'm hoping that I'll be fully recovered by tomorrow!


MaliciousGnome said...


MaliciousGnome said...

Yaaaay! It let me comment! :D :D I cleared my cache and cookies. Woot!

Okay anyway~I did manage to get the last yellow doughnut Mamegoma! But Tweeny hasn't responded with my shipping info yet... so I hope the order went through :/

I think you should keep the bigger bowtie Kii! He is fat and adorable. Well, ok, both are, but he is fatter...

Your arpakasso herd is so cute! Who is Yumi? I don't think I've heard of her before. Does she do a shopping service sort of like Akiko? Freebies from sellers are the best!

I was going to say something on the St. Pat's post but my brain has farted since Saturday ;__;

MaliciousGnome said...

Oh yeah, I wanted to ask what brand your green platypus is? And I was LOLing so hard at the 'forever alone' Rila ;)