Thursday, March 15, 2012

fashion crisis

I'm having a bit of a fashion crisis at the moment because....the prime minister is coming to our office tomorrow! So like everyone other female in the office, I'm having a huge crisis becasuse I'm wondering...

Just what does one wear when the prime minister graces your dingy office with his presence? Not that I'm a fan of him, but that's another story. You still have to look your best.

Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Being me, I've been researching online to see what I could wear. I want to wear something professional but fashionable at the same time, not just a boring suit (especially since I only have one suit that I wear to all business events and I don't even like that suit anymore).

If only I had a closet like included.

I recently bought a BCBG skirt that I'm absolutely in love with and I'm planning on wearing that. But now, the problem is, what should I wear with it? Should I wear my suit jacket on top? Will it even match?

BCBG Silvie Power Skirt I'm wearing tomorrow.

I can't think of any top that I could wear with it that make me feel good but maybe my mom had something amongst all her designer clothes that'll match. But I'm going to pop into BCBG during my lunch break with my friends (we're all having the same crisis, we don't know what to wear,) not that I can really afford anything at the moment but you never know, maybe something nice will be on sale.

Time for lunch and some speed shopping. Wish me luck!