Sunday, March 11, 2012

packages of happiness and obi's quest to steal some kawaii

First, I want to thank all my kind friends who cheered me up since my last post! Thank you for making me feel better and I've realized that I was being a little baby for nothing. It's just a temporary blimp and everything will work out in the long run.

Thank you everyone!

As promised, this post is going to be about all the kawaiiness that I received in the mail last Friday! It was amazing to get home from a busy week, after attending so many group meetings and stressing over finishing my assignments to find these packages of happiness waiting for me!

Bag of goodies. What's inside!?

I didn't take a picture of the original packages since I was too excited to start ripping them open to get to the goodies. Instead, I just shoved them all into the original bag that some of them came in from one of the packages.

Glimpse of my kawaii goodies.

Dragon Kapibarasan plushies!!!

Here are the adorable Year of the Dragon Kapibarasan plushies. I was really happy to be able to find them! Being born the year of the dragon (and a huge fan of Kapibarasan), I obviously knew I had to get my hands of them when I found out that they were coming out with dragon-themed plushies. The keychains were bigger than that I thought and soo adorable! I can't tell which one is my favourite because they're all too cute in their own way (except the chick...).

Dragon Kapibarasan plush.

The keychain plushes.

Before I continue any further, I have to tell you about Obi. He's such a funny dog, whenever I take pictures of my kawaii, he's always following me and watching me. He always want to snatch one of my plushies in hopes that I don't notice but I've learnt my lesson so I keep an eye on him. I also think it's because he loves getting his picture taken so whenever he seems me holding a camera, he runs up to me. From the moment we brought him home, he was never camera shy!

Today was no different, he was following me and eyeing my plush. I thought it was so funny and cute, that I took snapshots of him trying to steal my plush but because he's a good dog, he resists, which leads to him either staring at the plush or nudging it.

Exhibit A. Why can't I have one?

Adorable Usadaruma cellphone cleaning plush.

Look at these adorable little bunnies! I didn't know they existed until a month ago when I saw a friend post pictures of them. When I found out that they were called, "Usadarumas," I obsessively searched for them (in the only way that I knew how, googling like crazy). I found a few from a seller in Bangkok but she was selling it for way too much. Even then, I almost bought them. But luckily, my seller from Japan was able to find some for me at a reasonable price.

My favourite is the pink one all the way to the right.

Little Usadarumas.

Exhibit B. Just let me take one!

My seller was also able to find me a big Usadaruma plush! I was really happy with this one because I didn't expect it to be wearing an adorable little furry hat! It makes it more special than the regular plain ones, although I would like to get a plain one too one day.

Usadaruma is ready for the winter...even though it's practically over.

Exhibit C. What about this one?

Pancake Tuxedo Sam Plush.

This adorable Tuxedo Sam was first seen at the website (I browse it when I'm bored. It's no wonder I'm having a hard time saving money). Although I'm not a huge fan of sanrio, there are some adorable plush there occasionally. My favourite characters from Sanrio are Cinnamoroll, Pom Pom Purin and Tuxedo Sam. It's not surprising that I really wanted this when I saw it. Although the price of the plush itself was reasonable, once you factored in shipping, it definitely wasn't. But because I'm persistent, I was able to get this little cutie for a reasonable price (I asked one of my flickr friends if she could find it for me and then ship it to me). If only I was as hardworking in my studies as my kawaii quests.

Butt View with his cute little tail (I have a thing for stubby tails).

Exhibit D. Maybe this one...

Pink baby usawan.

My last plush is a smaller pink usawan plush. It's really soft and the material is similar to a really soft towel but a lot of lint and stuff get stuck to it really easily. I have a larger black one and it was really annoying since I had to pick off the fluff off it all the time.

With my older and bigger black Usawan.

Exhibit E. But they're so fluffy....

In the end, Obi decided to steal everyone's slippers instead.


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